Bridge Lessons Boxed Set

All 20 of Andrew's acclaimed Bridge Lesson Books are included in this Handsome Box set. £100 delivered (including p&p within UK). House all your 20 bridge lesson books in a bespoke slipcase – so useful to further your bridge. There is no right or wrong order to read the books, perhaps Bidding as Opener first. Most books start at a basic level and finish quite advanced. However, five of them are aimed at a higher level: Duplicate Pairs Tactics, Endplay and Squeeze, Bidding Big Hands, Competitive Bidding and Counting and Card Placement. Read one page per day and, two-and-a-half years later, having completed the series, you’ll be an amazing player.

The complete list of topics are:

  • Bidding as Opener
  • Bidding Big Hands
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Counting & Card Placement
  • Declaring Notrump Contracts
  • Declaring Trump Contracts
  • Defence
  • Double
  • Duplicate Pairs Tactics
  • Endplay & Squeeze
  • Finesse
  • Hand Evaluation and the LTC
  • Opening Lead
  • Overcall
  • Responder & 4 th Suit Forcing
  • Rules, Acronyms and Ditties
  • Signal & Discard
  • Slam
  • Stayman & Transfer
  • Weak Two
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