Boardroom Games Table

LATEST. Sold out right now. We are currently waiting for another six of these beautiful tables in mahogany finish and they will be  available  for you to order shortly.

Here is a bespoke model that is popular with people who not only play cards but enjoy playing chess or draughts or board games. The lid lifts up to reveal a compartment for keeping bidding boxes, board games, jigsaws, chessboards etc. 

With pneumatic soft-close hinge and 80% wool baize playing surface this table has strong fixed legs giving excellent stability. The legs can be attached or detached easily - just one screw per leg - so easy to transport.

The standard model comes with a mahogany-finish beech frame and a green baize top. We normally have two or three in stock at £495 but demand has exceeded supply recently.

We can also order the Boardroom in other finishes in approximately 8 weeks. Price depends on finish selected. You can specify the type of wood or wood finish and the baize colour. To order please phone us 01483 270100 to discuss your requirements.

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